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For local businesses

FREE Personalized Facebook Page Review

$200 value — Without paying a penny

FREE FB Page Review

For local businesses who want to dominate their area

Get customers rushing to your doorsteps instead of worrying about competition.

Our action plan will help you do just that. It is built by social media marketeers for local businesses.

Black Box Digital eliminates worries of being left behind online and helps small- and medium businesses dominate their local area. We are like your internet savvy son-in-law but with a ton more expertise & money making know how.

We’ll take care of your game plan so you can focus on the most important thing - enjoying the growth of your business.

This is our main man - Alex Walton

"Winging it" is no longer an option
— You need a game plan...

You don’t like spending endless hours worrying about how to do this 'social media' thing. Yeah, we get it. That is why we'll first push your pages through software and calculate your scores.

No more guessing. Only data-driven truth. Then your action plan.

FREE FB Page Review

Here's what you'll get...


At a glance you'll see a data-driven overview of how you're doing on social media — But more importantly ... (see next point)


You'll see how your competitors are doing relative to you ... and the opportunities to beat them.


You'll get instant data-driven recommendations based on your scores. These are the 'no brainers'.
Least effort. Most results.


Want to be at ease that you will claim and remain on the throne in your local area? After your review, we will give you the strategies that have never failed us.


Need a quick overview about all the things you could do? Well that's exactly what you'll get with your action plan.

It starts with data we review for you

People wouldn’t love us like they do had we not been obsessed with ZERO-BS data.

We focus on the channels that will mean the most to your local business.

After your review, we give you an action plan completely free of charge taught to us by our social media experts...

Don't listen to us, listen to them

Sophia Lee-Spencer says:

Black Box's expertise in Facebook marketing means I've been confident to give them a lot of Facebook work over the last two years. They have always produced fantastic results in organic reach and engagement and is a great choice for Facebook marketing.

Sophia Lee-Spencer

Dani Dixon says:

The crew at Black Box are totes the bees knees on all things social media, seriously just solved my bug bear in a few messages. Thank you guys x

Dani Dixon

Dan G Rice says:

I've never done a Facebook ad campaign before and so didn't know how to get results at all! Black Box has been awesome. They helped me re-word my ad and sort out targeting to put me back on track and I'm now seeing growth.

Dan G Rice

It is a capital mistake to theorize
before one has data.

Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, author of Sherlock Holmes

What are you waiting for?


Do I have to worry about writing or posting the content?

Nope! We have dedicated content specialists who research your field and create short, specialized pieces of consumable content for your Facebook page, whereby they then post 3 times per day for optimal growth, reach, and engagement. 

I don't understand how I'm supposed to use Social Media?

That's okay! Neither did we.. until we did :-)
The truth is, you're already an expert at YOUR thing. That's why you're in the business you're in, right? So, stick to that thing - and let our team do their thing. Save yourself time & energy by avoiding the unnecessary stress of learning something new, and benefit financially as we use our expertise to help you sell yours.

What else does Black Box Digital offer?

Black Box Digital has a rapidly growing team of over 350+ stationed in over 60 locations, across various markets, and in 5 languages (so far). We offer a wide variety of services to our clients, but this is our entry level service.

Is it really a free review?

Yes - it really is free. No hidden fees, no secret catch, none of that bullshit. We don't have time. We're here to offer you a great offer in exchange (almost as bribe) for a long and prosperous partnership where you continue to pay us as long as we continue to impress you by delivering real results.